Coding with Robots!

Robot & Apps Guide!

  • Wondering what app(s) to use for what robot, how to get started, or how to use an accessory? Check out our guide!

Sphero Resources:

  • Sphero Specific Challenges:

General Challenge Ideas:

  • Create a maze using tape and code your robot to get through the maze!

  • Create and use a loop in your code!

  • Code your robot to play a game (Duck Duck Goose, Hot Potato, Magic 8 Ball, etc.)!

  • Create and use a function in your code!

  • Use something other than the start button on the app to start the code! (For example: your voice, clapping, pushing a button on the robot, etc.)

  • Code your robot to tell a story! Include motion, lights, sounds, and more!

  • Check out the Dash & Dot challenge cards for more ideas!